Five Reasons to Shop Local

We're six weeks away from Christmas! The shopping season is in full swing. Before you get caught up in the stress of the season...remember what the season is really all about...FAMILY, FRIENDS, COMFORT, JOY, FUN, GRACE, GIVING, GRATITUDE, PEACE, FAITH...
Somehow it's all become too chaotic! So here's one thing you can do to preserve your sanity and have a more enjoyable time preparing for the holidays...commit to shop local

1. It's closer! Savings abound! Less gas, less traffic, less stress! You don't have to plan a big trip and cut into your valuable time. Simply swing by after work, during lunch, or on your way through town!

2. It's less crowded! Think of how much more productive you'll be with the time saved from standing in lines and looking for parking! A peaceful, intimate atmosphere makes your shopping experience more enjoyable!

3. It's Personal! You're not just another customer. Local merchants build relationships! We know you, we're eager to serve you, we care about you! Consider how great it feels to be greeted by name and to have the guidance of someone who knows you.

4. It's Unique! Local merchants are more likely to have the things you won't find in the big box or department stores. Give gifts as unique as the people you care about! A unique gift says you care enough to find something special.

5. It's Economical! Your hard-earned dollars stay in the community. You'll support your local community, friends, neighbors, and help to strengthen the local economy! Help to keep our downtowns thriving and our communities worth taking pride in.

6. It's Fun! Let's face it...the big box stores all look the fun! Local shops are dynamic and full of the unexpected this time of year! Shouldn't shopping be fun after all?

We hope to see you soon!

Creative Muse Floral Design
Flowers, Gifts, Decor & More!
261 Main Street
Enosburg Falls, VT

Other downtown Enosburg Falls shops we hope you'll check out too:

Precious Things
Jewelry, pottery, handbags, and more!

Kidstructive Fun
Educational toys, games, all things kids!

The Flying Disc
Vintage vinyl and more!

Artist in Residence
An artist cooperative...something for everyone!


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