Do It Your Way

After nearly twenty years in the wedding industry, I did a little role reversal this month.  Okay, it was a big role reversal!  I got married!  It's not unusual for my clients to ask, "What were the flowers like at your wedding?" or to exclaim, "Your wedding flowers must have been incredible!"  To which I've had to respond, "Well, I've never been married."

Dan and I have been friends for about twenty years.  We grew up together and our friendship really took off when a mutual friend started a band that we both joined in late 1999.  We've been together for fourteen years and have an almost seven-year-old.  Last year, we decided the timing was right.  I had decided that a small, informal wedding would suffice, but Dan had other plans.  When he told me that he imagined our wedding would be a big performance, I was surprised...but it didn't take long to realize it was exactly what we should do.

Our wedding was an 80's glam rock concert extravaganza.  We reunited core members of our former band and added in some incredible local talent to form "AFTERBURN".  We assembled a killer set list of 80's covers and began executing our vision.

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 about four hundred friends and family members gathered at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe, Vermont for what we believe was the wedding of the year (or decade, or century) - sorry to rain on your parade Prince Harry!

And the flowers?  Well, this floral designer threw together a petite bouquet of red spray roses, white mini carnations, and white phalaenopsis orchids and called it a day.  That was it, not another flower in sight.  And guess what?  It was perfect!

Lesson?  Just do it...your way!

Enjoy a few pictures from our talented photographers: Wayne Tarr, Jon Adams, and Brett Macy

Be Inspired,

Other Noteworthy Vendor Love
Bar Service: Woodbelly Catering
Hair: Jessica Pelkey
Videography: Forever Lucky Films


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