Change is good!

I was chatting with my good friend, Carol, this weekend.  Carol is one of those people whose energy is contagious and tangible.  When she grabs my hand or gives me a hug I can literally feel the energy flowing out of her's electric!  She said something that I bet few people can say in confidence: "I LOVE CHANGE!"  Carol owns this mantra like no one else I know.  I don't know that I will ever say it and mean it, but I do want to be more like Carol attitudinally.  Change is about the only thing we can count on, so we can either commit to a losing battle or jump in and embrace it at whatever level we can in the moment.

Carol inspired me to think about areas of my life, including my business, that could use a little change - things that require my action.  So...I took a look at my marketing materials and my website and saw plenty of opportunity for freshening things up.  

I also have to give a little shout-out to one of my students, Abby, who graduates from high school this weekend.  She's a budding marketing pro and she inspired me to tackle my logo overhaul.  Bonus: Abby approved!

Who is inspiring you these days?  What changes have you made?

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