Love by the River - Real Vermont Wedding

Photo by Lenz Queen Photography

This wedding was a special one for me.  Elisha is my nephew, the first born of my nephews and nieces.  It seems like I was just snuggling him to sleep or bouncing him on my knee singing "trot, trot to Boston".  When he called me to announce he had proposed, I immediately started thinking about flowers.

Elisha & Sarah were married on a late summer day at The Abbey River Rapids Pavilion.  It was natural that they chose a rustic outdoor venue in the community we call home.  I chose corrugated galvanized metal containers to mimic the silo bar at the venue and created arrangements featuring locally grown flowers and botanicals including amaranth, celosia, smokebush, clary sage, scabiosa, wheat, allium, cinnamon basil, and zinnias.  Quicksand and Purple Moon roses along with lavender stock were the perfect accents - and a few treasured Cafe au lait dahlias stole the floral show.  We lined the farmhouse tables with lush layers of eucalyptus foliage and tucked candles throughout.  We even included hydrangeas from Grammy's garden (my Mom).

Elisha and Sarah's closest friends stood with them and both of Elisha's grandfathers and his Dad (my brother, Jared) helped officiate the ceremony which took place on the grassy banks of the Missisquoi River.

It's my honor to pass on the name I carried for 40 years to a new Sarah Willey - who looked like a princess on her wedding day!  Congratulations Elisha & Sarah!  I can't wait to meet my first great-niece later this year!

Enjoy these photos of their special day!

Photo (right) by Lenz Queen Photography

Photo (right) by Lenz Queen Photography

Photos by Lenz Queen Photography

Photo (left) by Lenz Queen Photography

Photo by Lenz Queen Photography


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