Behind the Scenes - Real Vermont Wedding

Usually, I wait for the professional photos before I do a wedding blog post, but I couldn't resist sharing this sneak peek!  Today was about as close to perfect as can be.  I was extra disciplined with my planning - and felt empowered after a little expert inspiration from my long-time flower friend and industry expert, Alison Ellis of Real Flower Business

I'll save all the lovely details about the bride and groom for the feature. I am looking forward to sharing the pro capture from Amelia Marie Photography then!

For now, enjoy a little behind the scenes from one of our favorite venues: The Ponds at Bolton Valley.  This one features two installations that are foam-free! In this industry, it's a major goal when it comes to our eco-consciousness.  Oh, and there are tons of locally grown and foraged grasses and textures in these designs too (I managed to beat the third cut on our meadow by just a couple of hours).




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