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Wintery Wedding Inspiration

Winter is upon us in all its glory.  Just in time to ring in the long-awaited New Year, a thick blanket of heavy snow arrived last week here in Northern Vermont.  It covered evergreen branches with fluffy mounds of white.  It made the cardinals at the feeder pop, their brilliant red bold against a stark backdrop of white that scintillated in the morning light.  During a late-night walk, it muffled the sounds, insulating the passing cars in the distance, the nimble bound of the deer through the buried garden plot, pulling all of the sounds close to the earth - whispering "Shhhhhhh...."  The pristine months of winter here in the north country might be just what you are dreaming of for your winter wedding!  The snow-covered ski trails, the stark white siding on a New England barn, the warmth of a cozy fire, a hot toddy, a soft plaid blanket, lanterns glowing with candles, your loved ones snuggled close on the dance floor.  This is the inspiration for the styled shoot I designed

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